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June 20, 2024

The equipment in this field covers a wide range of application equipment, including express handheld devices, medical handheld devices, POS handheld devices, three-proof handheld devices, etc. The capacitive screen is required to meet the requirements of visibility in outdoor sunlight, impact resistance and high stability.


Express handheld terminal

Customer product application environment and characteristics:

1. Mainly indoors, with high sensitivity, high resolution, and wide viewing angle;

2. Impact resistance, meeting the requirements of falling;

3. Stable use under certain NFC signals;



Customer product capacitive screen solution:

1. Use high-definition IPS full-viewing angle LCD screen, and the touch screen and display screen are fully laminated;

2. The touch screen uses G+G structure with strong impact resistance;

3. FPC is shielded to shield various NFC signal interference.

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